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Compelling Reasons Dentures May Improve Your Quality of Life

Most people long for healthy teeth and gums. However, life happens, and sometimes dental problems get in the way of that goal. If you lose teeth or have excessive dental decay that makes chewing painful or even impossible, dentures may be the right choice for you. Consider these reasons they can improve your quality of life.

They Can Help Correct Speech Issues

Tooth loss can lead to speech issues. After all, people rely on their teeth while talking more than many realize. The movement of the tongue and your front teeth play a big role in how you form words. If big gaps are left by missing teeth, the loss may even cause slurred speech that is hard for others to understand. In turn, having problems with speech can be a source of embarrassment.

These speaking issues can lead to excessive hardships in sufferers' personal and professional lives. For example, you may have difficulty entering a business meeting with confidence when you’re afraid to reveal your speech impediment caused by missing teeth. Dating can be just as hard. When you get dentures and correct the problem, you won't have to worry about that issue.

They Can Help You Look More Youthful
Sometimes people worry about dentures being associated with aging. However, the truth is that they can leave you feeling and looking younger. When tooth loss occurs, it dramatically changes your appearance. It can change the vibrant, fullness of a face and leave you with a sunken look. That look doesn't have to be permanent.

Dentures can change that lost facial volume. They can revitalize your face and improve its proportions. You may have people complimenting your looks before you even open your mouth to smile.

They Empower You to Eat Great Food You Miss

Something denture wearers often appreciate is no longer having to deal with pain from sensitivity issues they may have had when battling tooth decay or gum disease. One of the worst parts of tooth decay and loss can be the fact that you can no longer eat some of your favorite foods. Dentures can change the game and allow you to eat certain beloved foods again.

When you first get dentures, your dentist may recommend that you consume soft foods like oatmeal, pudding, applesauce, mashed potatoes, pureed vegetables, and yogurt. Once your mouth adjusts to the dentures, however, you can consume many of your favorite foods.

Just make sure to eat the indulgent stuff in moderation and take the time to get used to your dentures. Dentists often advise cutting up your food into small pieces to make it easier to chew. Chewing with dentures will be different than chewing with your regular teeth, and you need to give your mouth time to adjust before chomping down on harder foods.

They Can Give You Freedom to Smile With Pride

Not being able to smile can seem quite unfair. When many people have missing teeth, they stop smiling openly out of shame or a fear of judgment. You don’t have to live like that though. Unlike some nineteenth-century dentures in Europe that were made from the teeth of dead people, dentures today are made of metal and acrylic resin. They are natural-looking, so you can smile openly and freely.

Finally, talk to your dentist about whether dentures might be a good fit for your needs and lifestyle. Call Edison C. Louie D.D.S, Inc. for an exam and consultation about dentures. You don’t have to suffer with dental problems when dentures may take care of multiple issues at once and empower you to enjoy life to the fullest with a smile that reflects your oral health.