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How to Fight Gum Disease With Your Diet

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Gum disease occurs when the tissue around your teeth becomes infected. Gum disease causes your mouth to hurt, your gums to recede, and the bone supporting your teeth to be compromised.
Luckily, when caught early, you can stop gum disease from developing further. To prevent gum disease, you need to engage in proper oral hygiene and receive professional care. You can also reverse gum disease with a diet aimed at fighting back against gum disease.
When it comes to a diet that fights back against gum disease, make sure you are eating foods that support the microbiome in your mouth. There are specific types of food you need in your diet to effectively fight back against gum disease.
Probiotics Foods
Probiotics are bacteria that are healthy and good for your body. Common foods that contain probiotics include yogurt, kimchi, pickles, kefir, miso, sauerkraut, tempeh, kombucha, and pickles.
Probiotics are well known for being beneficial to one's digestive health, but they are just as important for your oral health.
Foods that contain probiotics stop the bacterium, Streptococcus mutans, from growing and creating plaque in the mouth. Probiotics also help reduce and manage inflammation in your mouth and reduce the symptoms of gingivitis. They can even make your breath smell better as well.
Dairy Food
Milk, cheese, and plain yogurt with all the flavorings or sugar are three dairy products that are great for your oral health.
Dairy products are high in calcium, which helps fight back against bone loss due to gum disease. Dairy products also contain phosphates, which is a mineral that your teeth need and that is sometimes lost over time.
Cheese provides the added benefit of helping your mouth produce salvia, which is another way to fight back against the development of plaque in your mouth. The stimulation of saliva helps wash away harmful acids and food from your teeth and prevents the build-up of plaque.
Green & Black Teas
Add some green or black tea into your daily diet. Green and black tea are beneficial to your overall dental health.
Green and black tea help kill and suppress the growth of bacteria that cause plaque and cavities in your mouth. Both types of tea help prevent the dangerous build-up of plaque in your mouth that contributes to gum disease.
Fruits & Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables, especially ones high in fiber, are great for your dental health. Fiber-rich vegetables and fruits help promote the production of saliva, which is beneficial to your overall oral health.
Produce such as celery, carrots, and apples help remove plaque from your teeth as you eat these items. They also help clean up your breath as well. Berries also contain a compound that prevents the plaque from building up in your mouth.
Leafy greens provide you with vitamins and minerals your body needs for good overall health, including dental health. These greens help you prevent gum disease and fight against existing gum disease to achieve better oral health.
Nuts & Seeds
Nuts and seeds contain Omega-3s, which naturally fight inflammation in your mouth, which is a common symptom of gum disease.
Seeds and nuts also provide your body with a wide range of nutrients that keep your teeth strong. Nuts and seeds make a great snack instead of other, sugary alternatives that promote the growth of bacteria and further damage your oral health.
Preventing and fighting back against gum disease starts with good oral hygiene habits, proper dental care, and a balanced diet. If you face gum disease, give us a call at Edison C. Louie D.D.S., Inc., today, and we can help you save your dental health.